Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Take the cake!

There are plenty of us who will be transporting cakes this Christmas season. Take the stress out of it all with these simple and effective tips!

  • Trace a circle around a large bowl onto a piece of scrapbook paper and then cut out with pinking shears. (You know, those scissors that make a scalloped edge.) Place the paper on a cake plate or stand and set the cake on top. This serves as a garnish as well as a shield for your silver, making serving so much prettier and simpler!

  • Another trick for transporting and serving a cheesecake is to put a small circle of grippy mesh(like you line your cabinets with or use to hold rugs in place) onto the cake platter and then put the cheesecake (still with the metal pan bottom under it) onto that platter. A perfect solution for keeping cheesecakes secure around each winding curve! This will also keep your cake from sliding during transport if placed under the paper that the cake is sitting on.

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