Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Free gift idea for the kid in your life

Give the child in your life the gift of a fun "date" with you. Make and decorate a coupon for them to unwrap, detailing the destination and plan for a date with you. It will be sure to be a favorite tradition for years to come!
  • Book store date. Go to your favorite bookstore and browse together. Let the little one pick out a book to bring home.
  • Go to a park with a pond and feed the ducks or fish. Bring a picnic lunch or if it's too cold, stop at a coffee shop for hot chocolate.
  • Attend a sporting event together.
  • Check out a local theater production, musical, or ballet.
  • Order takeout and play board games at home together.
  • Take a trip to a home improvement or craft store. Purchase items for a project and craft or build it together when you get home.
  • Go hiking together and pack a few fun snacks.
  • Take a tour of your local fire station.
  • Visit a local farmer's market and let them choose something to buy.
  • Visit a museum together.
*This is the perfect gift for a hard-to-buy-for spouse!

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Anonymous said...

Great ideas! I plan to try this out!